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Travel Info in Puerto Vallarta- Hospitals and Clinics in PV, MX

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Mexican Red Cross, Delegation of Puerto Vallarta
Address: Rio Balsas corner with Rio de la Plata, Colony of Lopez Mateos, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone numbers: (52-322) 222-1533 / 222-4973

Regional Hospital of Puerto Vallarta
Address: Libramiento Highway, kilometre 1.5 unnumbered, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone numbers: (52-322) 224-4000 / 224-6800

Mexican Institute of Social Security
Address: Airport, kilometre 2, Colony of Hotel Zone North, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone numbers: (52-322) 224-2975 / 224-0957

Mexican Institute of Social Security
Address: Mar de Cortés unnumbered, Colony of Palmar de Aramara, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone numbers: (52-322) 224-9700 / 224-9777

CMQ Hospital
Address: 365 Basilio Badillo, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (52-322) 223-1919


Amerimed Puerto Vallarta
Address: Plaza Neptuno Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (52-322) 221-0023

Integral Diagnosis Vallarta
Address: 1456 Francisco Villa, Colony of Los Sauces, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (52-322) 224-8049

Medival Clinic
Address: 186 Francia Street, Colony of Versalles, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone numbers: (52-322) 225-4225 / 225-8568 / 224-4101

Medasist Hospital
Address: 358 Manuel M. Dieguez, Colony of Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (52-322) 223-0444

Versalles Hospital
Address: 145 Lucerna, Colony of Versalles, Puerto Vallarta.
Phone number: (52-322) 224-9898

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