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Events in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Civil Ceremony:
The only marriage performed in Mexico, that is legally valid in your country is the civil ceremony, performed by the justice of the peace of the Civil Registry office of Puerto Vallarta. The civil ceremony can take place in the office of the Civil Registry or at the location of your wedding. The civil ceremony follows the Minister's ceremony with the legal signing of the marriage contract. The ceremony is 15 minutes and is presented in Spanish by the Judge from the Civil Registry office. The ceremony is translated. To have a civil ceremony in Mexico you must acquire documents from your registry department where you were born and send them to us so we can begin the process. To make it easier for you, we send you simple instructions to guide you step by step.

Birth certificates WITH APOSTILLE
AN APOSTILLE is the authentication of a public officials signature and once the signature is verified an APOSTIL or Certification is placed on the document stating that the signature has been authenticated. (divorce or widow certificates requires APOSTILLE if applicable)

Witnesses ...
You require only two witnesses in the state of Jalisco. (witnesses can be friends or family members but not parents and must be over 18 and present at the ceremony in Vallarta with their original Id's in order to sign the marriage certificate) If necessary we can act as witnesses for you.

Blood Tests ...
A simple blood test is required in Vallarta only at least 24 hours before the wedding date. The blood test looks for factor and blood type only. There are no other examinations necessary.

What is Included ...
The civil ceremony package includes the processing of all your documentation here in Mexico so everything is all arranged when you arrive. You pay for 2 birth certificate translations, 2 signature fees, 1 Marriage certificate and translation, blood tests & health certificates, video briefing, fees and transportation for official.

Cost – U$D 450.00

Plus (if applicable) – U$D 30.00 translation fee per additional translation of divorce decree, death certificate or name change certificate.
The Judge are booking future dates quickly and the 2006 calendar is starting to fill up, so it would be advised to reserve the time and date for each or either as soon as possible. Dates for December and high season months, March, April, May and June are generally booked faster. The Judge and Minister can perform ceremonies at many local establishments and may go to remote locations for an organized excursion wedding, but charge considerably more for time and travel expenses.

To reserve a time for the Minister and or Judge, we require a 50% deposit (U$D 225.00) to proceed with any arrangements.
Documents must be sent to us here in Vallarta at least 30 days before the wedding date. Always FedEx or DHL your documents to Mexico.

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